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                              LAKE FRONTAGE

We have 200 feet of private lake frontage. Skaneateles is a glacier formed lake that is over 250 feet deep in the middle, but ankle deep on the edges as you can see in the picture.  Typically you can walk out about 50, but not 51 feet, unless you plan to plunge down for scuba diving. The floor is limestone, meaning no muddy gunk between your toes. If you've never seen Skaneateles, you won't believe how crystal clear it is.  Most of our guests tell us it's the most beautiful lake they've ever seen. We agree.

Our large permanent dock is is down the boardwalk and the lake's edge is just fifty feet from the cabin.  It's a fun place to swim and fish. This picture looks like fun. The girls are jumping into about four feet of water depth.  Our permanent water feature was competed in July 2015.  It's good and solid and doesn't "wabble" like those seasonal docks (like we used to have).

Boating  -- Skaneateles is a large recreational lake (15 miles by 1 mile) with sail and power boats of all sizes.  Pull up your boat and anchor by our docks (mooring provided).  You can load up at our docks, but you can't tie up there as a storm would ruin both your boat and our dock.

Boat Rentals --  by the day or week are available from the Sailboat Shop and the Skaneatels Marina. Paul's Pontoon is available sometimes ... ask him for details.  Fortunately, Skaneateles is a quiet lake with not a lot of boat traffic.

Fishing -- you can eat the fish out of this beautiful lake.  Rainbow trout,  salmon and bass are particularly good while the lakers are some of the largest in the U.S.  Fish hit like crazy in the spring time especially.  Lake trolling and charters are available or you can fish right off our dock.

Get the gang together and go fishing. Grill your freshly caught lake trout for a  taste that is amazing.

Our kids love to go tubing. You can tube, water ski, scuba dive and snorkel Skaneateles. We also like to take boat trips into town for ice cream, to the Glen Haven Inn at the south end of the lake for dinner, to the cliffs area for fossil hunting and the "beach" area at the cove. There are plenty of places to explore on this beautiful lake!

The Boardwalk -- I told our builder that if "by the grace of God I am alive when I'm 90, I still want to walk down to the lake".  Mike built a brilliant boardwalk that runs the entire span of our 200 feet of lakefront.  Because of the boardwalk,  the lakeside is safe for the kids and "easy" on the grandparents.....considering the cabin is built into the side of a mountain forest.

Kids love to swim in the crystal clear water of Skaneateles. The limestone floor means no mud between their toes. They like the fact that they can see their toes. So do their parents and grandparents when they swim along with them.

Swimming Skaneateles is refreshingly cool in the summertime.  (Not cold)  In the summer of 2012, the water reached 79 degrees in mid July.  Skaneateles also undergoes a unique phenomenon called thermal inversion.  Basically the  temperature flips over after mid summer.  People who know Skaneateles, love it for it's warm swimming throughout September due to the thermal inversion.

Can I drink the water?

Of course.  Skaneateles is the second purest lake in the world.  It might be the best tasting water you've ever tasted. (We've included the photo below to show you just how crystal clear the water is .... like most of our guests, you won't believe it until you see it.)

With the reflections and vibrant colors, it's best viewed from our docks or the overlook deck with a bottle of wine.  The cool lake breezes will refresh you even on the hottest of summer nights.  I find myself saying, "this is living!"

One last time .... Skaneateles is so clear you won't believe it.

But don't take our word for it, read the comments of a recent Lodge guest.

"This lodge is nothing shy of amazing! We have rented NUMEROUS luxury facilities in Canada and the US and this is by far one of the nicest places we have ever stayed. The pictures barely do this lodge justice. From the gourmet kitchen to the exquisite entryway to the piano room, wine cellar/basement, spa, sauna, etc... it just oozes luxury and relaxation. What truly makes this place special is the outdoor living space. The decks are wonderful, but the covered living room and dining room are just amazing! It feels like you're in a high-end tree fort! The lake itself is literally crystal-clear. I didn't believe it until I experienced it, but from the top-floor master suite you can quite literally see the bottom of the lake, and fish swimming by! It's like being in the Caribbean! If you have the opportunity, rent Paul's Pontoon as well and take advantage of the lake. There are some great places to see, and the Glen Haven Inn is an amazing boat-in place to eat (the food is fabulous!). They are not exaggerating with any of the descriptions - everything about this place is fantastic! "