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is a timberframe home nestled in the woods on beautiful Skaneateles Lake. 

I've  had so much fun with Paul's Cabin, that I purchased the property next door and performed an entire construction makeover of the property. Thus Paul's Lodge is a piece of art in the midst of nature for guests to enjoy gracious living at its very finest.   Art, music, spa and wine lovers will find themselves attracted to this very unique property.

*  4-5 bedrooms to accommodate 10 overnight guests  -- 3 baths

* Timberframe great room with spectacular lake and forest views.
   (Player grand piano, fireplace, granite and stainless kitchen and dining

* Outdoor covered living room with fireplace, flat screen tv, dining area,
    bar, and lakeside sun deck.

* Exclusive Finger Lakes wine cellar stocked with eight Gold Medal
   selections of Dr. Frank's  award-winning wines.

* covered lower level spa with outdoor hot tub,  sauna, shower and massage table.  Adjacent relaxation room with flat screen television.  Massage therapist available upon request.

* remote lakeside deck with dining area and hammock  deck

* master suite with king sized bed and bonus room that converts to a fifth bedroom.

* luxury hotel linens, bath robes and towels .... serviced professionally ... kitchen stocked with the essentials

* the lodge is "friendly" for handicapped and elderly guests .... considering it is  built into a forested mountain side. 

* Paul's Cabin is an acre away and the two properties are adjoined by a gentle pathway.  Close, but not too close, for multi-group rentals.

* swimming, boating and fishing on 200 feet of private lake frontage just 75 feet from the lodge.  Hiking for miles along private roads through the forest and gorges.  True privacy.

               .... a guided tour of Paul's Lodge ......

Come along ......

As you look at the Lodge above, visualize that we have just driven a mile through an oak forest.  Through hills, streams and gorges you're deep in the heart of nature; you've just escaped the hustle and bustle of civilization.  The new driveway takes us directly in front of the cabin on a level area.   Your eyes are filled with the lodge nestled in the forest;   Skaneateles Lake is just 100 feet away in the background.   It is quiet.  Real quiet.  But you can hear the wind through the trees and the breezes from the lake. A wood pecker is working in the backround.  You've really arrived.

As you approach the front entry, you have three choices.  To your left you see a winding stone path leading to a lower level spa below a timberframe and glass atrium with a grand piano.  To your right, you see a cobble pathway leading behind the house for some mysterious reason.  After looking left and right, you choose to enter straight ahead into the main arched entry.  (Unfortunately you're not the "road less traveled" type...I probably would have gone right.)

As we walk through the front door, you see the lake through a two story wall of glass and timbers. This majestic window wall is 20 feet high and 15 feet wide. To your immediate left is a field stone wall with a candle burning fireplace centered in the middle.  The Lodge is embraced by the dark forest, but the windows, lights, color and textures create a bright, breathtaking feeling.  Most people who enter say "Oh My God"; others just say "Wow!".

Farther to your left you see the timber framed atrium with the grand piano and you walk in that direction.

It's a beautiful ebony piano with a player system built into it. The player system has over 100 hours of piano music ranging from easy listening, show tunes, love songs, jazz, praise and a bulk of the classical music piano repertoire.  Fans of classical music can spend a week absorbed in the selections of the master composers.

Behind the piano is a wine bar with eight award winning selections of Dr. Frank's wines. As you look at the handcrafted, timber frame ceiling you make the decision  to enjoy an evening in front of the fireplace with a bottle of  a fine Finger Lakes wine while the piano entertains you.

Timberframing is a specialized building technique that uses massive beams (rough saw timbers) as support.  It's a lost art for most builders.  You are amazed at the detail in the atrium ceiling and throughout the Lodge.  This ceiling was joined with pegs, mortise and tenons (no nails and screws), just the way they were built years ago.

You  walk closer to the back of the great room and look out over the lake in the background.  On the other side of the glass wall, is a deck with lounges for sunning and relaxing within earshot of the piano music.

As we head towards the kitchen you see the new granite, stainless and hickory decor.  The kitchen table is a Stickley heirloom.  The counter and appliances are spotless .... a neat freak must live here. But you like the white carpets, the glass stemware and vases because you're a neat freak too.  In fact you took your shoes off when you entered the front door. We like you.

Looking through the cabinets, you notice that they are filled with spices, condiments and all the supplies that an adventure to a new home would require.  The freezer holds fresh, frosted mugs waiting to be "beveraged".

Not only does the Lodge provide a full service kitchen ... we have an arrangement with an executive chef to cater four star meals directly to the property.

As we enter the covered deck, you see an outdoor fireplace straight ahead filled with trees in the background.  The fireplace can make a roaring  fire.  Of course it can.... it's a Lodge.  Above the mantel is a flat screen television.  To your left, we see a lakeside bar island that frames a beautiful picture of the forested lake.  We sit down  for a few minutes while we take in all the sounds and smells of nature.  You look to your right and see a large, 8 person dining table.  The thought enters your mind:  tomorrow morning, this where I will drink my Starbucks coffee.

Along the lakeside of the house is a sun deck with chase lounges and a table for four.  The description of "sun" deck is a bit misleading however.  It's really a "sun filtered" deck.  The trees are tall and provide a screen so that you can enjoy the lake, forest and the sun's glow .... but not burn from the sun. 

You ask, "what's next?"  We decide to see the master loft.

As we head back through the kitchen we look to the left at the bathroom.  The bathrooms sparkle with cleanliness and are stocked with plush, white hotel towels.  Soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion are provided.  The soap products Paul uses are environmentally safe products .... careful not disturb Skaneateles.

Behind the bathroom is the main floor bedroom. It has two twin beds that can be made together as a king bed when requested.  I mention that all the floors of the lodge are red oak hardwood, milled from the very trees that stood on this property.  I challenge you to find a dust bunny or a fingerprint on any of the glass windows and surfaces.  You recall how spotless the kitchen was ... the stove was clean, the refrigerator was empty on the inside and the floors shined.

As we climb the oak staircase, you look over your shoulder and see the massive field stone wall, the piano atrium and the glassed wall overlooking the lake.   You notice the timber framed ceiling and the post and beam supports throughout the living space.  It's a beautiful sight; an image that belongs in a timber frame home magazine.

The stairs terminate to a landing leading to a sitting room.   We call it the perch.  The  futon sofa can be made into a full sized bed.   This bonus room can be converted into a fifth bedroom by closing the pocket doors .... especially for families with young children who want to sleep close to Mom and Dad. 

Before heading into the master bedroom, we turn right into the master bathroom.  It's clean and neat and of course there's a basket with soap, shampoo and lotions etc next to the fresh spa quality towels.  Robes are freshly hung and waiting for you.

As we enter the master bedroom, we see a spectacular view overlooking the lake.  Because of its height, it is the best view of all.  You recall that Skaneateles Lake is the second purest lake in the entire world and its beauty is arguably second to no one.  The master bedroom has a king sized bed, made crisply with luxurious hotel linens. (600 thread count Egyptian cotton).  The dark, warm walls are brightened dramatically by the silky white king sized bed.  You'll love this sleeping experience.

Let's walk downstairs and see the wine cellar spa and the other two bedrooms.

As we walk down the oak staircases, we enter a themed wine cellar.  To the left are racks filled with bottles of Dr. Frank's  Finger Lakes award-winning wines. Wine Enthusiast magazine declared Dr. Konstantin Frank's Vinifera Wine Cellars as the "Finger Lakes' Most Award-Winning Winery."  We chose Dr. Frank's because we insist on the very finest amenities for our guests. You realize that you can take your own wine tour without  even leaving the basement.  

The wine cellar is converted into a peaceful relaxation room with a flat screen television.

Hidden behind the spa are two bedrooms and a powder room; the outdoor shower is just steps away in the spa deck.   The family bedroom has two queen beds.  The front bedroom has a queen bed and a full sized lake window. This basement suite can comfortably accommodate a second family.  The windows are large and the ceilings are high dismissing the feeling of being thrown in the basement.

The relaxation room continues out onto the covered deck. From the deck you can feel and smell the breezes of Skaneateles Lake.

As we walk on the deck, we see the spa.  It really is a spa!  It is my favorite part of the whole lodge.    Just like all luxury lodges .....  a spa is a must.  The covered spa includes an eight person recessed hot tub, a sauna shed, an outdoor shower, lounges,  and even a massage table.   I like to wake up every morning with a cup of coffee, then spend some soaking time in the hot tub, followed by the dry sauna and then culminated with an outdoor shower in a beautiful woods and lake setting.  It's a great routine.  I'm ready for the day.

I offer the phone number for a certified, professional therapist who visits the Lodge for treatments. She brings her linens, oils and soft music.  Pam's rates are fair and her massages are exceptional.  I highly recommend having a lakeside spa night for your guests as you rotate among the spa facilities: sauna, outdoor shower, hot tub and massage therapist. You'll need to book Pam early; she's in demand.  She also has associates for larger parties.  (www.skaneatelesmassage.com)

From the spa, we look out towards the lake and see two tiered decks below.  The deck to the right is a hammock deck.  It's a great place to take a nap in the shade; hidden in the woods is a second hammock.  The deck to the left is a lakeside picnic deck with a second gas grill and table.  A fun escape.

 The lake bluff is a 15 foot staircase and leads to the most beautiful swimming lake you can imagine.  The floor is rock (no mud and sea weeds) and the water is crystal clear.  It looks like the Caribbean and you can see the bottom of the lake ten feet deep.  The docks stretch out into the lake as well as along the shore.  Two hundred feet of private, quiet lake frontage .... almost unimaginable on Skaneateles.

To your left you can see a pontoon boat on a mooring. It's Paul's Pontoon, of course, and is available exclusively for the guests at Paul's Cabin and Paul's Lodge.  (ask for details).

I'm certain after touring the lodge you would ask .... "How do I sign up"?  Well, it's quite simple and painless.  Click on the "CONTACT" tab on the upper left to shoot an email.  We are really good about returning emails and you'll hear back from us very quickly. Thanks for coming along ....

..................   PAUL  ...............  (WWW.PAULSCABIN.COM)